Judith Stewart Shank

Dr. Judith Stewart Shank has taught literature and philosophy for twenty-seven years. She was one of the founders of the College of Saint Thomas More, designed its undergraduate literature curriculum, and served as Academic Dean of the College from 1998-2000. Dr. Shank is a frequent participant in Liberty Fund colloquia and directed a colloquium on “Freedom in the Works of Gabriel Marcel, Martin Buber, and Gerard Manley Hopkins” in 1998.

Dr. Shank received her PhD and MA in philosophy and literature from The International Academy of Philosophy in Liechtenstein, after receiving a MA in Human Relations and a BA in philosophy from the University of Oklahoma. In addition to the essay published herein, Dr. Shank is the author of “Perilous and Beautiful: Form and Restraint in John Crowe Ransom’s Vision of Community,” The Political Science Reviewer, XXX, 2001; Country Boy Odyssey, with Roy P. Stewart, the inaugural volume of the Oklahoma Voices Series, Oklahoma Heritage Association, 2000; “Von Hildebrand’s Theory of the Affective Value Response and Our Knowledge of God,” Aletheia: An International Yearbook of Philosophy, V, Peter Lang, 1992; and numerous articles on literature as a mode of knowledge and the nature and criteria of the literary work of art. She is also working on two books, tentatively entitled Experience Fulfilled and Redeemed in Knowledge: Defining the Literary Work of Art and A Violent Love, a series of essays on tragedy.

Spring 2013 Issue

Fathoming “Cliffs of Fall Frightful”: Hamlet’s Mapping of the Tragic Abyss