The Lost Country

Fall 2013 • Vol. 2, No. 2

issn 2326-5310 (online)

Still Life with Earthenware, Bottle, and Clogs

By Sharon Mooney

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    Vincent Van Gogh
    oil on panel, 1885

No crystal glassware here, no fragile vase,
No linen, just a wooden table, bare
Of ostentation. Common earthenware
Instead, brick-red and rounded at its base
Stands by a crumpled cotton cloth. No lace,
No crocheted doily mats, but just one pair
Of wooden clogs carved from a tree. No chair
Is seen in this still life, yet there’s a place
For wine to sit and gladden weary hearts
After the day is through and land is tilled.
Outside this frame a fire blazes bright.
A kettle boils. A wife waits to impart
Her simple gift of bread from flour milled
From grain her husband brings home every night.